About Us

My name is Catherine Moller.  I am a wife to a pretty amazing guy, mother to two fantastic kids, and living a fun filled life in small town Vermont. I love sushi, getting lost in a book and truly believe life is more about your attitude than what happens to you.  Why work with me?  I approach fashion with a science mindset, once you understand why things work together it makes them less intimidating.  I have the ability to connect with people and put them at ease. I care more about my customers being happy with their purchases than I do making a sale.  The value I  offer?  I work with multiple national brands and warehouses to find the best options for my customers in terms of styles, quality and pricing.  Biggest accomplishments:  2019 Vermont Boutique of the Year  2019 Vermont Online Boutique of the Year  2020 Vermont Boutique of the year  2019 Seven Daysies Best Women’s Casual Clothing Store Finalist  What are my Hobbies & interests?  jigsaw puzzles, learning, watching bad reality TV, Library Trustee, Gymnastics Mom, Wrestling Mom, soccer mom,  and crafting  I help teach my customers what works for their body and help them find the right fit for their lifestyle and budget. After all what you wear strongly impacts how you feel. I have shop now, pay later programs and loyalty programs.