Bra Recycling

SidePony Boutique is proud to be an official Bra Recycler Drop Off location and Recycling Ambassador. 

Whether decluttering your lingerie drawer or simply looking to make a positive impact, join us in our journey to transform bras and new underwear into hope, confidence, and environmental sustainability.

If you wish to help donate your bras (new or used) or underwear (new online) please let us help. Items will be matched to non-profit requests and provided at no charge to them. Items that cannot be used (too tattered, elasticity worn out, etc.) will be recycled! What a great way to help our others and our planet. 

You may drop off items at SidePony Boutique, 90 Mechanicsville Rd, Hinesburg and we will package and ship the items to the recycling team at no cost to you. You will get a 20% discount for any purchases made the same day you drop off items for donation to Bra Recyclers. Please be sure to wash any used items before drop off. 

If you wish to mail your items directly, please complete this form to include with your package.