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Keep your cast iron in beautiful condition with this hand-poured cast iron seasoning bar (3.5oz)

This all-natural bar contains just three simple ingredients - grapeseed oil (consistently rated the best oil for cast iron); safflower oil; and beeswax. This combination nourishes and protects your cast iron, creating a beautifully shiny surface. Seasoning cast iron helps to prevent rust while also making your pan a pleasure to cook with and clean because it easily releases cooked-on food. With regular seasoning, your pan will last for generations!

Why a bar? We think this 3.5oz bar is the bee's knees because it makes it SO easy to apply seasoning oil to your pan. Simply pop it out of the handy screw-top tin, rub it on your pan, and then store it away for future use. No more digging out oils with your fingernails and trying to make them spread! Our 3.5oz bar size lasts longer, too.

We make this seasoning oil using high-quality organic and natural oils plus all-natural beeswax harvested from our own apiary and from other beekeepers we trust.

All proceeds benefit the ongoing maintenance of our small apiary in Vermont where we raise bees because we believe they are "good for us and good for the world."

To use this seasoning:
- Clean your cast iron pan (either with just water for everyday use or with soap and water or a mild steel wool pad for a deeper cleaning job if you want to start your patina fresh);
- Thoroughly dry the pan
- Apply a very thin layer of Happy Hive Beeswax Cast Iron Seasoning to your
- Bake the pan at 425 degrees for 30 minutes (you may want to rub the oil in again after 20 minutes or so)
- Turn off the oven and allow it cool with the pan still inside for 30-45 minutes
- Be sure the pan is completely cooled before storing.

Repeat seasoning as needed.


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