Book - Wicked Alpha


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And action… Coral’s wedding… Harley’s promo tour… and a positive pregnancy test… and that’s all before Labor Day. Welcome to senior year, Persephone. Only… none of it’s real… or is it?

Persephone Smith doesn't live her life in what-if scenarios… until the Universe forces her to do exactly that. By using her natural powers to right the one night that ruined her life, she sets in motion a series of alternate realities that are clearly designed to teach her a lesson. But what does the Universe want her to learn? And how will she get back to the reality she's always known? Better question… would she even want to be there anymore?

Join Persephone and her friends, family, and foes for one last year in Pine Hill, Vermont, before the gang disperses for college. "Wicked Alpha" is the long-awaited first seventh book in the Persephone Smith series by author Lauren Courcelle and marks the third young adult novel in the coming-of-age, realistic, paranormal, fantasy saga.