Book - Wicked Awesome


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When you’re eleven, it’s not wicked weird to have a crush on a popstar. It’s arguably wicked normal. But what if one of your unspoken crushes becomes a popstar? That would only be... “Wicked Awesome.”

As the daughter of a former member of an internationally famous pop vocal quintet, the rumored ex of pop’s thirteen-year-old phenom, and the best friend of the bad boy in an up-and-coming boyband, Persephone Smith certainly has a front row seat to the music industry. But fame won’t save her from seventh grade horrors like dissections, sleepovers, power tools, hazing, kissing couples, and gym class. And what if her dad’s boyband reunites for a new album and tour? Could she really leave life in Vermont behind for two months for a VIP journey around the world? It’s a dilemma that even her natural powers can’t answer.

Join eleven-year-old Persephone and her family, friends, enemies, and fans as she takes on the pop music industry, community theatre, mud puddles, Leap Day engagements, and numerous other situations that lead up to an unforgettable, “wicked awesome” summer.

“Wicked Awesome” is the third book in a coming-of-age, realistic, paranormal, fantasy series by author Lauren Courcelle.