Book - Wicked Confessions


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Wouldn't it be nice to know what everyone is really thinking? What's truly important to them? Who they like? Who they don't? What's true and what's not? Who they are when nobody's watching? Their deepest, darkest secrets? 

"Wicked Confessions" provides its readers with exactly that - an abundance of transparency and insight into Persephone Smith’s family, friends, fair-weather friends, and even foes. It picks up her story about a year after “Wicked Dramatic” ends, when the innocence of Diversity Middle School is only a distant memory. Sophomore year at Red Clover High School brings a whole new set of predicaments, dangers, heartbreaks, decisions, and jubilations. Some of the kids begin to drive, reach the age when their friendships are more valued than their families, embark on secret and not-so-secret romances, and occasionally, discover that the line between life and death gets blurry at times. 

Join fourteen-year-old Persephone Smith and the people who know her best as they share their wicked confessions (colorful language included) and say farewell forever to – not one, but – two of their "Wicked Normal" loved ones. 

"Wicked Confessions" is the long-awaited, fifth book in the Persephone Smith series by author Lauren Courcelle and marks the first young adult novel in the coming-of-age, realistic, paranormal, fantasy series.