Book - Wicked Dramatic


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There are many tried and true traditions and memories attached to the legacy of the final year of middle school… football games, concerts, track meets, school dances, love poems, crushes, road trips, pizza parties, graduation projects, field day, a fourteen-foot wall, and of course, Ms. Salt’s infamous, annual, eighth grade, bridge build contest. Thus, when Persephone Smith and her classmates return to the halls of Diversity Middle School for one more year, they anticipate that eighth grade will be the year they finally rule the school. Only… not so fast. From a first-day schedule snafu to a last-minute scramble to graduate, they are continually reminded that, even with their prolific magical abilities, eighth grade is not the year-long celebration they expect it to be. Instead, it is pure drama. 

Join twelve-year-old Persephone and her family, friends, and crushes as they take on the emotional rollercoaster of watching loved ones battling cancer, the joys and anguishes of puppy love, the push and pull of right and wrong, the extremes of friendship, and the daily life and death overreactions that make eighth grade a particularly “wicked dramatic” time of life.

“Wicked Dramatic” is the fourth book in a coming-of-age, realistic, paranormal, fantasy series by author Lauren Courcelle.