Book - Wicked Together


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Persephone Smith is back. This time, she's a junior in high school. She may be in the passenger's seat in cars, but she's back in the driver's seat of narration in the sixth installment of the series. See, there often comes a time in life when a very special person consumes one's mind, heart, and time, and nobody can share Persephone's first venture into "true love" like she can. Yes, the boycrazy, naturally powerful Vermonter has fallen hard for one boy in particular, and the two of them are... wicked together... even if she isn't allowed to date anyone until she is thirty-four. But will young love blossom into forever? Or will senior year find the two lovebirds wicked apart? Join Persephone and her friends, family, and enemy for junior year at Red Clover High School... and the summer that follows it. Be forewarned: this novel includes more romance than previous Persephone Smith books, and the teenagers in it face many of the mature situations that continually confront today's high school students. "Wicked Together" is the long-awaited sixth book in the Persephone Smith series by author Lauren Courcelle and marks the second young adult novel in the coming-of-age, realistic, paranormal, fantasy saga.

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