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FUNNY, SASSY, and INSPIRING present for men, women, or anyone in your life! Each 11.5 oz candle is carefully packaged into a gift box that is ready to be gifted! Your friends and family will love our candles with attitude as a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or any other special occasion!

BURN TIME! With 100% soy wax and fragrance free of phthalates and parabens, our dye-free candles are cleaner burning and eco-friendly. Having tested a variety of different wicks, we’ve selected the perfect cotton braided wick that allows for a slower burn time; resulting in a candle that lasts longer and releases the maximum amount of fragrance into the air.

FAMILY OWNED! Our candles are designed and handcrafted in Vermont with all natural soy wax and premium oils that release a delightful and fragrant scent when burned. Laffwicks Studio candles look great on display anywhere in your home; whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, man cave, camp get-away or office! Be it a gift or for personal use, these aromatic and decorative candles are sure to freshen up your space and capture a smile while doing it!

  CANDLE CARE                                                                                                            

Our candles are made with a  cotton wick. For best results, keep your candle in a draft-free location. If your candle is away from drafts, but the flame is “dancing” and the wick is giving off smoke, it means it is time to trim the wick.

  MEMORY BURN                                                                                                          

In order to maximize the full New England fragrance of these spectacular candles, allow them to burn 1 hour for each inch of the candle’s diameter or until the candle has completely melted across the top. This will help prevent your candle from “tunneling” and leaving unmelted wax along the side of the glass.

  CANDLE SAFETY                                                                                       

Always burn candles within sight,  Keep away from things that catch fire and away from children and pets.   Burn candles on a heat-resistant surface away from drafty areas.  Keep the wax free of debris.  Trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time the candle is lit.  Stop burning candles when 1/2 inch of unmelted wax remains.  Never burn candle for longer than 2 hours.  Never touch or move a candle when the wax is liquid.


Merchandise purchased from SidePony Boutique can be exchanged for a store credit or refund by contacting us within 7 days of receipt of item (or 7 days of when it is available for pickup at the shop).

You must first complete the Return/Exchange form to have an exchange approved. Items must be unworn, with original tags and still in brand new condition (no smoke smells, stains or signs of wear). If you received a gift with purchase the gift must also be returned. 

Once approved, items need to be returned within 7 days. If items are returned and fall outside of these guidelines customer will need to pay to have items shipped back to them or forfeit those items. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges on exchanges/returns.

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