Vermont: Fall Collection


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Vermont landscape notecards by Russian Life publisher and photographer Paul Richardson.

The stereotypical view of fall in Vermont is of a landscape awash in brilliant, almost unearthly hues of red, orange and yellow. And yes, there is a touch of that in this season's collection (albeit presented on a more realistic, earthly scale), but there is so much more to fall in Vermont. This collection also includes a photo from a foggy morning on Mirror Lake, a verdant stream in Worcester, a storm rising over a gracefully aging barn in East Montpelier, and sunrise at a calm mountain pond (resident beaver not pictured). Together, they are a set of cool and calming images that will make you want to settle in on the couch with a cup of hot coffee or tea and a nice hardcover book (on which to inscribe your cards, of course).

Includes six large, 5x7 inch cards, blank inside, with six matching envelopes. Each card features a different image.